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You will Rise!

We are nearly half way through the new year, wow.    Time flies when you are busy finding yourself in a new job, new place and still putting finishing touches on your new home.  We miss the old friends, old hangouts, old neighborhood and we remember how things were.   But we do embrace the new, the change, the unknown.  When you take on a new challenge, new job on top of a new location, you are jumping in the deep end, head first.   You know you know that you can swim and you will surface again on top.   The challenge is, did you take a deep enough breathe on your way in, did your prepare yourself for some undercurrents to push you back down.

Things have a way of working out.  I was doing some manual labor with a co-worker this past week.  As we were moving things around back and forth, he said “Work smarter, not harder”.    I understand that thought and can appreciate it.  I think of a production line, where all the items for the widget are lined up in order and one person snaps in part a, the next person pounds in part b and etc.   A well thought out plan leads to working smarter.   In sports you learn of players that may out smart their opponent, but more often you hear of someone “out working” them.  I think this is what is missing in today’s work ethic, it’s called “work”, because it takes effort.   And I would rather be labeled a “hard worker”.    It made them think that at times I think we are teaching that you should be able to “work smarter” and not “harder”.  But you know what I think the old familiar habits of “work harder” is actually a better lesson to teach.

Keep swimming, you see the light, you will Rise!!



What a ride….

Now that 2016 is done, thank God, it is time to set our sights on 2017.

Will it be a financial successful year? Will we all be surprised at how little will actually get done by the newly elected President Trump? Will we get fitter, thinner and healthy?
Maybe we aspire to increase our knowledge, finally understand how sudoku works (well you first must have an interest in sudoku, i do not).

This year Pope Francis has declared that at the World Youth Day the focus will be on Mary, mother of God. Maybe this year my focus should be on praying the rosary more ( I did not say daily). Turning our thoughts to God in anyway possible seems like a good goal to have this year.

So so long 2016 and let’s welcome in 2017 with a prayer!!

Lent 2016……..steps

Put one foot in front of the other, you’re walking.  You’re moving forward.

Jesus did this.  He put one foot in front of the other and walked into the wilderness to be tempted.  Not to give into temptation but to overcome it.

Do you remember when the Devil tempted Jesus?  …I am waiting….. Okay – at the END of the forty days (and nights) the Devil tempted Jesus.  Only in His human nature when He was weak is when the Devil approached.  For some reason I never put two and two together, then on Sunday at yet another parish (in our quest to find where we should be) did I hear that “and when they were ended, he was hungry. The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command this stone to become bread.”

We are only approached by the Devil in our weakest moments.  That is when he can take advantage of us.  That is why we need to train like athletes, keep tuned up, stay in shape, keep strong in the faith.  By doing this we at least have fewer temptations and when they do appear we are more equipped to defeat him.


The Basics

I was sitting at my favorite bar talking to the bartender.   He is taking some college courses right now so I asked him how he was liking it,  “It’s boring”  “Why do I have to take these basic english and business math classes again that I took in high school?”  So I ask what his major is, “General Business”.    I’ll take another beer and here’s my advice to you.

Learn the basics.   The three R’s;  Reading, Riting and Rithmatic.  (maybe our elected politicians should be tested on the basics….)

These things you will carry throughout your life. You are giving me change back from my bar tab, learn how to count it backwards without the use of a computer.  You need to add four beers to my tab, how much is that?    I would like to leave a 20% tip, would you add that on my bill please.  Are you able to read the pamphlet of information on the drugs you about to take?   Can you write down directions for me?  Now I know that there are other things or lessons that we should learn, that will enhance our lives.   But let’s be honest here and say we need these everything tools first.  These MUST be in ingrained in our memory first.

Acquire some skills.   Everyone one of us has the ability to learn some type of skill.   What skills do you possess?  Maybe you are mechanically inclined and like to take things apart and put them together (mechanic, engineer, carpenter, welder, chef ).    In today’s world it is so easy to learn a new skill, all you need to do is YouTube it and someone has made a video showing you how to do it.  (See where learning the basics comes in handy here).

Have Faith.   You need to have faith, trust and love.   Have faith that you already possess all of these, you were born with them.  All you need to do is find them.   Have faith in your family that they are raising you the best they know how.  Have trust in your teachers and leaders that they are doing the best they can for you.  Love your family, your friends, your neighbors and even love those you hate to the best of your ability.  What I mean is not to seek revenge but extend a hand when they need help.   For most of our kind acts we do not need to exchange words, our works will suffice and send a more significant message of love, faith and trust to those who need it.

That’s my advice – take it for what it’s worth.   I’ll take another in honor of my brother.

2015 Lent Day 21

Today’s Readings

How many times have you had a disagreement with your roommate, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend etc. ?  More times than we want to admit, right.    But then we turn around and say “I love you”, “You’re my best friend”,  “no big deal”.

Peter asks Jesus a simple question of how many times he must forgive his friends, brothers?  Simple answer is provided by Jesus – seven times seventy.  In more plain english, always and forever!!   We should always be ready and willing to forgive those who ask for forgiveness.  Isn’t this what we want?  I say – “YES”

2015 Lent day 4

Todays Readings again point us in the direction of how we should live our lives.   Most of the time we delight in thinking that we know the path that we are taking without realizing the collateral damage that we are causing others. We sink so deep into ourselves instead of giving in to what we can not control.

So maybe instead of worrying about sticking to our plan, give in and give up control to God.



2015 Lent Day 3

Todays readings help us overcome some our fears because Jesus is always with us.   Why should we be gloomy if God is always with us?



Christmas Trees and ornaments

Around this time of year, each year.  We remember….. well we hope we remember where we put all those Christmas decorations, tree lights and yes the ornaments.

Over the course of time and thirty years of marriage, we have been given ornaments, our children have made numerous love made ornaments and we have purchased numerous ones as well.    We have added another one this year, one that is as special as that first Christmas ornament that we received over thirty years ago.  This one comes from Ireland and will hold a special place on the tree.

As each ornament is placed on the tree, each one brings back memories of those moments in time.  Each moment is relived as I place each ornament on the tree.  Some of them are placed near the top where all will see, some face the window out of direct line of sight but they are still loved and then there are the rest.  The rest that are no longer the favorite ones and have been replaced with the newer ones.   Today we have more ornaments than branches on the Christmas tree and one year when I did not put ALL the ornaments on the tree I was the grinch who stole Christmas.  I have now just accepted that title and ALL the ornaments do not make it on the tree but if God’s grace and mercy came in the form of Christmas ornaments then maybe we are well blessed!

So now as open up each Christmas box and to my surprise, more ornaments, I thank God for His abundant graces that He as bestow upon our family!

Merry Christmas!!!

soda pop

soda pop.

What will you do after Fat Tuesday?

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