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2015 Lent Day 34

I enjoy watching food network series chopped.    If I were the judge I would tell them they were all winners!   But I am not the judge and therefore do not.

But we judge people all the time don’t we?  How they look, how the act, what they say, what they do.   We judge their status by how they dress,  what they drive and where they go on vacations.  We know best……really?

Today’s readings.

Jesus does not even judge but asks those to examine their own conscious first before they judge.

So let us be careful, mindful of judging those we do not know.



2015 Lent Fifth Sunday

How are your march madness brackets doing?  Are you happy or sad or just grumpy?

Maybe you’re perturbed!!!

I love that word and I am going to try to use it the next time I am perturbed!!

When I think of Jesus getting perturbed my thoughts range from someone just kicked the sleeping giant or shook up the bees nest.   Not that I believe that God is something different than a loving God, but He does and has at times shook things up with a flood and a few plagues.   Then He sends down His Son to teach and show us how to live.  He is 100% human and 100% God from the moment that His mother Mary said “Yes” to the angel.  Jesus, since He is human as well, felt the emotions and feelings that we do.   So in Today’s Readings we see two human aspects of Jesus – God.   He wept and He was perturbed!!

When we get perturbed we usually act in a completely different way than Jesus did.   We need to learn from Jesus and how He handled this.  He did not run and hide, in fact He performed this miracle in front of many others so that they would all believe!

2015 Lent Day 32

Today’s Readings

March madness is all around us.  We pick our teams based on their record, RPI, BPI, FBI and grade point averages. We discount those teams that we have never heard of and we have to do a little research.     The problem with making logical picks is we discount what those teams possess in their heart and soul to thrive.

People discounted from where Jesus was from as well.

“What good could come out of Nazereth?”

“Isn’t he the carpenters son?”

“This is the Christ?”

But blessed be those who believed with their heart and soul!!!   For it is by their faith that they passed down to each generation that we believe that this IS the Christ that is among us even today!!



2015 Lent Day 31

Today’s Readings

It’s the first day of spring.  The sun is out, the flowers start blooming, grass is turning green and we have new hopes for the rest of the year.    We start to clean up the basement, garages, yards and begin painting or remodeling.   We plant new trees, flowers or gardens for the future.  We begin to get in shape, tone up, tan up (well not all of us, maybe freckle up).  In the words of Michael Bublé – “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I feel good!”

The hour is coming when it will be a new dawn, a new day and a new life for all of us!   We do not know the hour but it will come.  Only thing we can do is do our best to be ready by living our lives according to His word.

2015 Lent Day 30

Today’s Readings

Have you ever done something that you have never done before?   Something that is a bit scary or adventurous?  For example go downhill skiing or on get on the monster roller coaster.   Maybe climb up on your roof or go on top of a building and look down.   You know you are going to be safe because a million other people have done the same thing and in our society today we would (the marketplace and governments) have shut it down.  You had to have a little faith.

What if an angel came to us in the middle of the night and said “Do not be afraid” .    Joseph had faith not to be afraid and had faith.   We can have that faith too…  Do not be afraid.

2015 Lent Day 29

Today’s Readings

We always want to do what we are supposed to do.   But a lot of the times we do not recognize what we are suppose to do, we think, we guess and we hope we are doing the right things.

Good thing that Jesus is divine and not like us.  He knows exactly what His Father wants and is placed here to execute His will.   It should be easier for us if we would just listen to Him.


2015 Lent Day 28

Today’s Readings

“Do you want to be well?”   How many of us refuse help?   Somebody wants to lend us a hand and we refuse, why?  Because we can handle it, because we don’t want any charity, because we did this to ourselves we can get ourselves out it, because of pride.

Good thing this crippled man did not refuse Christ, not even knowing He was Christ.   This cripple accepted charity, accepted the command of   “take your mat and walk”.    After all faith is believing without seeing as well as believing without any reservations.

Why are you so unbelieving?  Why do you doubt that their is a creator?  Why do we doubt so many who saw these miracles happen before their eyes?

Have faith, have hope.    Take up your mat and walk.


2015 Lent Day 27

Today’s Readings

I was visiting with an elderly friend of mine recently.  We go to the same parish and the thought occurred to them that, since I am a convert, that I am more spiritual than they are.   I disagreed with them about that and mentioned that they regularly attend mass, are with their family consistently and do good in all other areas of life.   We started talking about what my wife and I teach for the Church and they said “see you are more spiritual”.   More knowledge is not spiritual and gut feelings is not more knowledgeable.   So because you can quote book, chapter and verse does not make you a more “spiritual” person, you are good at memorization.

The pharisees thought they were more spiritual than everyone else because they adhered to the law of Moses.   But then along comes Jesus and is present not to abolish the laws but to fulfill them.   And to the father who believes his child will be healed because Jesus told him so, that is spiritual.

2015 Lent Fourth Sunday

Today’s Readings

We always appreciate help when we don’t ask for it.   Sometimes the helper is overzealous and actually hinders the process, but we do like the help.

In today’s readings the blind man was not seeking out Jesus, unlike others that we have heard of before.   It was actually the disciples having a debate and asking for clarification with Jesus.  And the miracle begins, Jesus spits in the ground.   Now if I was blind and I heard, well you know the sound,  of someone spitting, I guess I might be concerned.   No, the blind man was not – maybe he was deaf as to what what was happening or actually, did not care.   And then Jesus applies a goop on your eyes, but you do not know it is actually Jesus – you may think it is just a disciple or some one else.   This is faith.  This is trust.

Then when the pharisees starts to question him, he starts to believe even more.  Then when Jesus asks him – he believes in Christ.

It may take some steps of faith for you to believe that Christ is effecting your sight or life.  Have patience and faith.

2015 Lent Day 25

Today’s Readings

It’s not hard to get caught up in the stage lights.    They are bright and shiny and everyone is treating you like a king or queen.   You are in the spotlight and you want to shine.   We want to stand up on our soapbox and tell the world how wonderful we are and what we did, how we did it and follow us.  We think we are humble in our ways and thoughts and do not see how others may see us.

Jesus tells us to be humble, bow our heads and ask for God’s blessings.  Sometimes it better if we just go about our business, stay off facebook, twitter and such, bow our heads and pray for God’s blessing.


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