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What a ride….

Now that 2016 is done, thank God, it is time to set our sights on 2017.

Will it be a financial successful year? Will we all be surprised at how little will actually get done by the newly elected President Trump? Will we get fitter, thinner and healthy?
Maybe we aspire to increase our knowledge, finally understand how sudoku works (well you first must have an interest in sudoku, i do not).

This year Pope Francis has declared that at the World Youth Day the focus will be on Mary, mother of God. Maybe this year my focus should be on praying the rosary more ( I did not say daily). Turning our thoughts to God in anyway possible seems like a good goal to have this year.

So so long 2016 and let’s welcome in 2017 with a prayer!!


Lent 2016…….changes

What IS this time of lent?  What IS it for? Why?


We are called to change.  You could call it a calling, a whisper, a sign, the Holy Spirit – a change in the wind.   We recently have experienced this change, call it a calling, we call it an opportunity.  An opportunity, in the end to help provide for our family.  With this opportunity comes a lot of changes.  One of those changes has already challenged us in our faith.  We are finding ourselves changing parishes, priests, dioceses and feeling a bit lost currently.  Not lost for the love of our faith.  Even though the catholic faith is universal in the liturgy and the whole mass, it does feel different; different priest, different bulletin, different songs.

So our challenge is this change.  Let’s focus on making a difference in our changes this year.

Since we went to Rome this past year and we were less than ten feet from Pope Francis, I feel we are close friends, so I am going to use his favorite phrase and say “Pray for us”.


Lent ……. Day Thirty-Two

Lent ……. Day Thirty-Two

“Ah! In spite of my littleness, I would like to enlighten souls as did the Prophets and the Doctors” (Story of a Soul, 192)
St. Therese of Lisieux

I love the original reality show on TV.  Sporting events.  They are full of surprises, drama and uncontrollable emotions.   We cheer for our favorite player to make the “big” play!  We glorify them when they do and they glorify themselves as well!  (the chest pump, dance etc.)
The real heroes in my opinion, are the players that go unnoticed.  The ones who set up the “big star” to shine, the little guy, like St. Therese.

If God is the Big Guy, Head Coach of our lives,  then who are His assistants?  Well for the catholic Church it is the pope.   He is God’s assistant coach, he helps get us ready for the big game, the presentation, meeting, debates etc.  We also have a lot of other assistant coaches that mentor us and lead us, our bishop, our pastors, our team leaders.  And in turn maybe we are the leader of our small group or you are coaching an associate at work and informing them of what the popes role is.   So as it has been said, we are all saints in the making and maybe prophets, but for now let’s lean on our Coach and pray for our assistant coaches!

Lent ……. Day Twenty-Nine

Lent ……. Day Twenty-Nine

“I’ve your heart, your adored Face, Your sweet look that has wounded me.  I’ve the kiss of your sacred mouth, I love you and want nothing more, Jesus.” (“The Canticle of Celine” in The Poetry of St. Therese, 102)
St. Therese of Lisieux

Psalm 145:  8  The Lord is gracious and merciful,
    slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.
The Lord is good to all,
    and his compassion is over all that he has made.

Did your favorite Aunt or Grandma ever give you the biggest, hardest, most sufficating hug, ever?   Or maybe she pinched your cheek so hard that it was red for a week.   Sometimes love hurts.   When we feel sufficated by our own demise we need to remember that God is there and that He will sufficate us with His love.   I love the fog because it a visual reminder of how God surrounds us with is mercy, grace and love.   The big difference is that we can show others Gods love for us and for them through our daily actions and we don’t  have to pinch them on the cheek!

Lent ……. Day Seventeen

Lent ……. Day Seventeen

Going a different route today.  Besides being a bit late on posting this.

I was thinking of how I could honor Pope Benedict XVI.  How could I rightfully thank him for his service to, not only God, but to the Church and all of us.   What could I say that could show my appreciation and gratitude that he deserves.  Then I thought about who our pope is.

Not many use the title “Vicar of Christ”.  The pope does.  He does this because of apostolic succession.  That the successive laying of hands has been passed down from Saint Peter to our current pope.  The Vicar of Christ is a representative of Christ.  The pope cannot go against Church teachings which are all outlined in the Bible along with tons of other teachings that are passed down through the ages.

So Pope Benedict is still teaching us.  He had a tough decision to make.  Like Jesus, he goes into solitude to pray, more than likely praying for us.   Pope Benedict did many things that went unseen and unheralded.  Jesus told everyone He healed not to tell anyone.  Pope Benedict taught us by his example in reaching out to all of us.  Jesus taught us by inviting the outcasts to dinner.

So I guess the best compliment and honor I can pass onto Pope Benedict XVI is that I love you and you always showed the Jesus in you to me.   Thank You.  God Bless You!

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