Thoughts off the Glass

Why Catholic ?

Always a good question. My initial response is why not? I hope some these posts will further explain why and challenge you as to why you are not catholic.

One of the best explanations of why you should choose catholicism is explained by the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Watch some of his videos available on youtube and you will see that, without the use of powerpoint, he is able to clearly explain the Bible, teachings of the church and how to live your life.  He is very inspirational in my opinion.

If I were not catholic..

So why did I convert to catholicism?    Grab your favorite beverage, it’s a long story 

I was raised in rolling plains of northeast Wyoming.  We attended the local church of Christ every Sunday, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  What I remember best about growing up in that little town and little church was that I had two sets of friends.  One group of friends that I grew up with, played with, went to school with, had birthday parties with, rode bikes, skateboards, sleep overs, and eventually partied with.  And one group of friends that went to the same church as us and we had devotional nights on Thursdays, we went to bible camp together and saw each other basically three days a week.  The devotional nights comprised mostly of singing and playing games, some scripture reading but not much.  When I graduated from high school and I knew I was going to college somewhere, my mother gave me two choices of schools.  One was York Junior College in York, Nebraska and the other was Abilene Christian in Abilene, Texas.   Both of these schools are affiliated with the churches of Christ.  I choose Abilene because it was the furthest away from home and they at least had some sports programs that I liked – i.e. track. 

…  to be continued….


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